About Shaun Benderson

There are three things that Shaun Benderson loves most: his family, sports, and writing. You could say that he developed his love for sports through his family, specifically his father. As for writing, he always had a knack for it and so when the time came for him to decide which course to take in college, he didn’t have to think twice about Journalism; and with his love for sports, the most fitting career choice is, of course, sports journalism. So now, here he is, studying Journalism at the University of Florida, rooting for the Gators and the Miami Heat, and honing his writing skills through this site.

His dad’s influence

It was his father who influenced Shaun Benderson to love sports. His father taught him all about basketball, football, and other sports at a very young age. Although he was never athletic (his major athletic achievement is being the catcher for his Little League team), this never deterred him from loving sports. If anything, his being “un-athletic” only further influenced him to love sports. Shaun Benderson feels that watching from the sidelines can be just as exciting as playing. Shouting encouraging words to his favorite players is a sport in itself! You’d need a lot of stamina to keep up with the fans of opposing teams, and you need discipline, too, to keep yourself from hurling expletives at crucial points in games! “It can be exhausting,” Shaun Benderson says. “But it’s exciting as heck, that’s why fans keep doing what they’re doing,” he further adds.

Shaun’s father graduated from the University of Florida, and he would often tell stories about his adventures at university to his young son. When it was time to send college applications, Shaun Benderson didn’t think twice about applying to the same university. He wanted to become a Gator like his father, if they would have him. Luckily, they did want him and so, even if he got accepted to other universities, his school of choice was the university that his father had talked about all his life.

When Shaun’s dad drove him to university and helped him settle in, it was a bittersweet moment. Shaun’s father was happy to visit his alma mater, but at the same time, he was sad to leave his son behind. Today, Shaun Benderson is doing his best to get good grades and be a good student, for his father’s sake. Excelling in school, especially in his father’s alma mater, is his gift to him.

This site is also a gift of sorts to his family. Here, they can keep track of him even if they are miles away from each other. In here, they can read his thoughts, and become spectators as he forges his own path.

Lastly, this site, too, is Shaun’s attempt at laying the foundation of his sports journalism career. He feels that this is a good way to network, connect with other aspiring writers and journalists, and perhaps, meet his future employer.

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