Florida University Student, Aspiring Sports Journalist

For aspiring sports journalist Shaun Benderson, there’s no time like the present to practice his sports writing skills. He may still be a student at the University of Florida, but that doesn’t mean he can’t already focus on what he’s most passionate about: sports journalism. Being a Gator, his loyalty, of course, lies in his university’s Gators teams. And as a Florida resident, his favorite NBA team is naturally the Miami Heat.

It’s not all sports journalism for Shaun Benderson however. He is passionate about writing, and so, from time to time, the reader might come across a few creative pieces here as well; pieces that are not necessarily related to sports.

This blog site was primarily created to hone Shaun’s writing skills. While he feels that he can write, he knows that there’s still a lot to learn about the craft; hence, this site. Shaun Benderson requests the reader to bear with his amateur writing, and likewise requests for any inputs from readers about how to improve his writing skills.

What can you expect from this site?

For now, Shaun Benderson deemed it best to start with three pages (excluding this landing page and the About page): Florida Gator Page, Miami Heat Page, and the Blog Page. For the two sports pages, readers can expect updates on games, profiles on players, news about the teams, and updates posted by the players on their social media pages. For the blog, Shaun Benderson will share about life at university, academics, and tips for aspiring Gators. The blog page is where Shaun will be honing his creative writing skills, so do watch out for his posts!

As an aspiring sports journalist, Shaun has been learning about photography as well. He wants to be able to take unique live-action shots that can give more color to his stories. “There’s still so much for me to learn,” he muses. “And I won’t shy away from putting in long hours to hone my skills,” he adds.

This site, you can say, is his way of developing self-discipline. He knows that when you get into the professional arena, a professional attitude is expected of you at all times. He also knows that there would be times when you will have too many balls up in the air that it would take focus and discipline to juggle them all at once. To be a sports journalist worth anyone’s time, he would have to prove himself as a worthy contender to the more experienced professionals, and even to other newbies like himself, when the time comes.

With that said, Shaun Benderson invites readers to make this site a habit. He would greatly appreciate any feedback that you can share, and looks forward to connecting with all of you through this site. If you have questions about the posts he’s shared here, please feel free to get in touch with him at your convenience. You can rest assured that he will get back to you promptly.